Why Tinnibot?

The fact that there isn’t a cure for tinnitus yet shouldn’t stop you from having the best quality of life possible and we want to help you with that.

Tinnibot is the world’s first virtual coach that provides tinnitus support that is available to you anytime, anywhere.

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  • I never knew that what I was living with for months was Tinnitus. As soon as I began to learn more, the pieces all started to fit. I feel empowered now to manage my Tinnitus and improve my daily living!


  • The App worked for me enormously, especially the mindset questions that made me realize where I was stuck in my thought patterns


  • I found the Tinnibot app was helpful in explaining what tinnitus is and dealing with the first few weeks of dealing with this life-changing problem.


  • I have found the Tinnibot app to be incredibly helpful. It is so easy to use, provides good, reliable information about tinnitus and helps to challenge negative thinking


  • I knew quite a bit about the condition, however, Tinnibot has proved a very handy app with lots of useful content.


  • I use the beach sound from the app when i wake up with buzzing in my ear and it helps me get to sleep again


  • Using the app has been life-changing - a real mental health saviour



Here’s some of Tinnibot’s Frequently Asked Questions

Hearing Power was co-founded by Dr Fabrice Bardy and Dr Matthieu Recugnat. Throughout their years working in clinical audiology and hearing research in multiple countries around the world, they saw how tinnitus is a big and under-recognised problem that affects a large part of the population. They found it frustrating to see people struggling with this problem, seeking help, only to find that there were not able to receive the appropriate care, or that it came at a huge expense or long waiting period.

They began the development on what they hoped would be a one-stop solution that would provide support to tinnitus sufferers. Moreover, access to this tool by audiologists and other health professionals would provide all the critical information needed and offer effective therapy to all tinnitus sufferers that would be affordable and accessible.

In their journey, they started collaborating with researchers around the world who are expert in the field of tinnitus, psychology, audiology, digital therapeutics.

Fabrice and Matthieu are incredibly passionate about developing Tinnibot into something that help people with tinnitus and that they love using. Tinnibot is here to guide you through your journey to recovery. That’s why they developed it in the form of a tinnitus companion who give you all the key information out there and coach you through evidenced-based treatments.

Tinnibot can be downloaded for free from the app stores with limited features. To get a full access to our evidence-based program, a subscription can be purchased directly in the app.

The price for Tinnibot Premium can be find below for different currencies:

  • POUND £9.99/month or £59.99/year
  • AUD $16.49/month or $99.99/year
  • NZD $17.99/month or $107.99/year
  • USD $12.99/month or $74.99/year

SPECIAL OFFER: 50% discount on the annual subscription is offered during February 2021

Tinnibot is a virtual coach that integrates treatments that we know to be effective in tinnitus management. These include psychology, relaxation and sound therapy. With the help of Tinnibot, you can learn more about tinnitus, understand it's association with anxiety and stress, and gain skills to be more in control. By altering your reaction towards the sound, Tinnibot can help overcome any cycle of negative thinking that impacts your quality of life and allow you to develop a healthier relationship with your tinnitus and find positivity in your life.

At Hearing Power, we take your privacy extremely seriously. We use the best systems and techniques to make sure that your data is encrypted at rest in your device and on our service providers servers, and when in transit in between. In addition, we only collect data meaningful to make your experience better and more personalised, without compromising your privacy.

If you are in crisis, please contact a helpline in your country to get help. In case of issues with the app or your subscription, you can reach out to us directly at tinnibot@hearingpower.co